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Ever looked for health information online?

It’s often wrong, but 86% of women trust it.

That's why we built LOOM. No misinformation. Just facts.

Access answers you can trust.  

Listen to real health stories. 

Stay informed with daily health news. 

Share your experiences. 

Start learning about your body and feeling better in it. 

A note from our co-founder & CEO

For too long, women have lacked reliable resources for learning about our bodies and safe platforms for sharing our experiences.

We created LOOM to help change that. Think of LOOM as the dot connector in your health journey. We weave together health information you can trust and stories you can relate to for collective learning and growth.

Our goal is simple: Make it easier for you to care for yourself and others.

Together, we can shape a new era of wellbeing—one where we’re more informed, connected, and cared for.

Erica Chidi

LOOM is accessible to anyone, anytime you need us.