Our story

LOOM was founded on the belief that a woman’s wellbeing begins with her sexual and reproductive health, and that education is a powerful and historically undervalued form of healthcare. For generations, women have been denied essential information about their bodies. We’re changing that by weaving together inclusivity, empathy, and science into a modern education experience that trusts women and helps them thrive in their bodies at every stage.

Our promise

We offer the facts

There’s a lot of misinformation out there, but you won’t find any at LOOM. Get real, unbiased, unfiltered information you can trust.

We center your needs

We’re here to help you feel seen and heard. We want you to explore your options, so you can make empowered choices about your health.

We focus on flexibility

Our multiformat curriculum is flexibly designed so you can easily find what you need and take things at your own pace.

We embrace emotions

Your emotional experience comes first, especially when it comes to sexual and reproductive health. We hold space for your feelings and recognize they’re crucial to your care.

We bring you back to your body

Our programs offer a blend of unique practices and tools to help you connect with your body in new and meaningful ways.

We support


Your body, your choice, period.

Lifelong learning

Stay curious, stay informed, stay growing.

Collaborative care

The key to comprehensive, compassionate care is doctors, nurses, educators, and community leaders working together.


We’re building an ecosystem to support, affirm, and celebrate brain and learning differences.


LOOM was founded in 2017 by Erica Chidi, a doula, educator and author, and Quinn Lundberg, a policy advocate. They were yearning for nonjudgmental, evidence-based health education that centered the sexual and reproductive needs of modern women.

about our founders


LOOM is a Certified B Corporation. We meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact. 

We are reimagining health education and illuminating its intrinsic ability to protect women, support healthcare providers and improve healthcare outcomes. We operate within a Reproductive Justice framework and strive for bodily autonomy, sexual autonomy, and gender freedom for all.