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It’s Always Good To Ask.


Who founded LOOM?

LOOM was launched as a physical space in 2017 in Los Angeles, founded by Erica Chidi, a doula, educator, and author and Quinn Lundberg, a policy advocate. In 2021, LOOM expanded into its new identity as a digital platform reimagining women’s health education. 

Erica Chidi is the Co-founder and CEO of LOOM. She has helped thousands of women strengthen their ability to care for themselves and others and to advocate for their sexual and reproductive health. Erica is the author of Nurture: A Modern Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, Early Motherhood and Trusting Yourself and Your Body. She has been published in The New York Times and featured in Vogue, Goop, Glamour, The Cut, and Marie Claire.

What is Sexual & Reproductive Health and why does it matter?

At LOOM, our educational programs are designed to help you better understand and navigate the continuum of sexual and reproductive health experiences, from periods through menopause and everything in between. We like to think of it as a continuum because these experiences are ongoing and interconnected. Understanding your period and menstrual cycle can help you better understand things like your fertility or birth control options. Your experience of sex and pleasure will likely evolve over your lifetime, and be directly impacted by things like pregnancy and menopause. The list, or continuum, goes on and on.

Women and birthing people don’t have good, trusted resources for this essential knowledge. There’s a lot of fear, shame, and stigma applied to health experiences and bodily realities that are entirely normal and natural. SRH is the primary healthcare experience for women, so every woman deserves stigma-free, shame-free health education that supports empowered choices.

What makes LOOM’s programs different from other Sexual & Reproductive Health education offerings?

Most Sexual & Reproductive Health information is outdated, vague, biased, or treats your body like a problem to be solved. At LOOM, we offer trustworthy, stigma-free, and actionable information to help you make empowered decisions and feel better.

Our programs weave together a broad spectrum of skills and modalities: sensory and somatic tools, communication skill-building, opportunities for reflection, and frameworks for making personal decisions. It’s not just about taking in information – we care about how you apply what you’re learning, and how you feel along the way in your everyday life.

Our Pregnancy & Postpartum program was developed by a diverse panel of experts, doulas, midwives, and OBGYNs. We also include the wisdom and nuance of real people. And we know that your lived experiences impact your health and choices, so classes within the program cover important considerations like trauma-informed approaches and anti-racist care preferences.

I’m having an issue with my account. Who do I talk to?

We’re here to help. Send us an email to support@loomhq.com and we’ll figure it out together.

How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, open the left side drop-down menu (three horizontal lines in the top left corner of your browser window) and select the circular profile icon next to your name at the top to access your Account Settings. Once on your Account Settings page, you may click Cancel Subscription under Payment Settings to initiate the cancelation process.

When I cancel my subscription, how long will I still have access and when will I stop being charged?

Your recurring monthly subscription charge will be discontinued immediately upon cancelation. You will be able to log in and access to your program materials until 11:59pm on the last day of your subscription month.

How do I contact LOOM for general inquiries?

You can always reach us at support@loomhq.com.

How do I contact LOOM for partnership or press inquiries?

Send along press inquiries to loom@narrativemediagroup.com.


I have a question about a medical or care-related issue. How do I ask it?

LOOM is not able to answer any specific medical or care-related questions. Any such questions should be brought to your personal care providers. We hope that you’ll use the education, self compassion, and skills you develop with LOOM to enhance communication with your care team.

Still have questions?
Email support@loomhq.com and we will reply as fast as we can. We’re a small team, so it might take us a moment. Thanks for your patience.