Pregnancy & Postpartum

A comprehensive program to start at any point during pregnancy or after giving birth. Strategically designed to prepare you for whatever life brings.


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Get support from experts

Gain knowledge from clinical experts and thought leaders through our info-packed curriculum.

Learn your way

Take our classes in the order that feels right for you—whenever, wherever, and at any pace.

Build your community

Get insights and feel seen by different women on their path to parenthood. We're a virtual village.

What's included

On-demand learning

22 in-depth videos, 31 audio conversations, and 39 written guides to choose from

12 months of unlimited access 

Includes 18 hours of program content and a monthly Q&A event with Erica Chidi

Live community support sessions

Get your questions answered and learn from LOOM educators and other mothers

Resources for your support system

Actionable steps for your support system—we'll help them help you

Care team tools

Communication tips, negotiation skills, and real insights on getting the care you deserve

What you'll learn

Physical and cognitive tools for mental fitness

Birth preferences for an unmedicated, medicated, or cesarean birth experience

Signs and stages of labor

Negotiation skills for productive conversations with your doctor, midwife, or doula

Sex and pleasure strategies—evolve, adapt, and thrive

Key items you can buy, borrow, or gather to feel prepared before and after birth

Sleep hygiene strategies for you and your baby

Sensory tools to soothe yourself and your baby

Breast, bottle, and pumping strategies for feeding your baby—plus troubleshooting tips for challenges

...and so much more

“Understanding your body can change your parenting journey for the better.”

Erica Chidi, LOOM co-founder and CEO

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